Thank you for stopping by my personal site. I am a self-taught and bootcamp-educated software engineer who loves learning new technologies and working on teams. I graduated from the accelerated full-stack developer training program, Digital Crafts, in April of 2021. Prior to software engineering, I filed tax returns for a living for one of the largest CPA firms in the country, where I learned a ton about teamwork, managing others, and communicating effectively, all within the pressure-cooker of meeting IRS deadlines. In the next chapter of my career, I have aspirations of contributing to projects on an enterprise scale while collaborating with others who are as endlessly fascinated by development as I am.



This app was designed specifically for the Smile Up Charitable Foundation to be the primary member-tracking-system for its growing pool of volunteers. The SmileUp app provides a safe and secure system for tracking volunteers and events. The app also improves efficiency of tracking various volunteer data, which was previously entered by hand by the nonprofit administrator. Built on a PERN stack.

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An app designed for accountants who need a better way to track the their work during crunchtime. The "system" of the pen-and-paper to-do list is no more with aliveline, which brings customizable job tracking from your desk to your computer screen. Built with React, Node.js, material-ui, and SQL.

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Allows user to search YouTube for videos on a topic, bookmark their favorite videos, tag videos based on the topic, search the local databases based on the tags, and more! Allows user to register, login, and logout. Built with Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, Express ES6 Template Enginge, Express Session, Pg-promise, and bcrypt.

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A fully responsive, beautiful, and delightfully simple weather app that brings you more than the current weather. A poignant quote reflecting your locations weather conditions provides a new dimension to simply checking the weather. In addition, if the weather is dreary, keep scrolling for a joke to cheer you up! Built with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

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A multi-location, text-based role-playing-game, relying on object-oriented programming. Built in Python and run in Unix Terminal. See the code.


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